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You will leave here with so many beautiful memories, we assure you! There are so many fun and interesting things to do that your stay could feel like a short hour!

Dine on the Island

At Aqua Safari Resort we create memories to last you a life time. We offer a unique and romantic dinner for two on a quite island where nature and romance comes to play. You will experience the delight of a romantic view with local and continental delicacies of your choice. Our wait staff will be at your service during the entire dinner. With your toes in the sand, to a candle light dinner you are assured of a relaxed feel and an intimate vibe. Dining on a private island will turn your time at Aqua Safari Resort into a breath-taking experience.

Jet Ski Training & Riding

When it comes to Jet skiing, Aqua Safari offers the most fascinating ride you can imagine. It is an exhilarating ride and a fun way to spend an afternoon on a lake at Aqua Safari. This activity is a whole package of fun and adventure. For first time Jet Ski riders experience proper education in Jet Ski with our skilled trainers who will ensure you become conversant with the watercraft. One can have the ability to tone their abs, learn coordination and balance, burn calories and teaches one to stay focus.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Grab this opportunity to experience something truly new! Go Kayaking or canoeing either by yourself or with your favorite people. Don’t worry, we have GHALDA certified staff on standby to instruct, help out and ensure your safety. These activities are so much fun, you won’t realize how effective they are at helping you keep fit.

Take Off on a Horse

Choose from an ensemble of fine Arabian, thoroughbred and Namib desert horses at our Safari Stable. Our well-trained horses have interesting names and even more interesting personalities. Don’t get too cozy with Nina, Majestic is crazy about her. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never ridden before, the experienced horsemen will kit you up and get you into galloping in minutes. You can ride around the expansive Aqua Safari grounds or explore Big Ada on the back of handsome stallions.

Enjoy Bonfire & Marshmallows

You’ve seen it in the movies, now experience it in real life. Watch beautiful orange ames flicker into the Ada night sky as we fete you to excellent life band music or our DJ’s special playlist. Complete the experience with marshmallows, crackers and chocolate smores from the restaurant.

Experience Night Angling

Night fishing is an incredibly fun and thrilling way of catching fish and making your evenings as much fun as your days. It is an exciting alternative to dayfishing mainly because fish are known to be more active during the night compared to the day. It’s also great if you would like to avoid the scorching heat of the day time. There’s plenty of tilapia, sole fish, catfish etc waiting for your angling expertise.

Watch Migratory Birds

Witness this wildlife marvel between August and November every year. This is when over fifty-seven species of migratory birds make their way to this side of the globe as they escape the unfavorably cold temperatures of Europe. You will be accompanied by experienced guides from the Ghana Wildlife Division after pickup from the resort to see birds like Terns, Ring Plover, Redshank, Greenshank etc.

Segway Riding

Why walk the tour when you can glide it? Explore everything Big Ada has to offer while you effortlessly and smoothly glide through its ins-and-outs. Our tours are ideal for beginners and experienced riders, residence guests as well as those on day return visits. All tours begin with a 15 minute orientation session at the Baffour Falls which is located next to the Safari Hall. At first, you will have time to practice so that everyone feels comfortable and ready to go out to see the town on a Segway. Your tour guide will share his wealth of the town’s knowledge all while you enjoy the wind in your helmet and the scenery.

Flyboarding & Jet Lev

If you want to do something you can talk about for weeks, with pictures that will get all your friends and family raving, you should denitely get on a y board or Jet Lev. Let the power of technology and water lift you into the sky and feel the thrill of soaring up to 20 feet over the River Volta.

Turtle Watch

Who needs the Discovery Channel when you can see exotic turtles for yourself? Watch Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green turtles come ashore to build their nests and lay eggs a few weeks after mating. You are most likely to see this between September and January after sunset as this is seasonal. You will be guided by experience personnel from the Ghana Wildlife Division as you trail these magnificent creatures either afoot or on ATVs.

Interact with Wildlife

Congratulations, you are this close to some of the most exotic and interesting animals in the world. Aqua Safari boasts of an incredible blend of ora and fauna creating a unique ecosystem. You will be surprised at just how relaxing and fun it is to watch or actually feed the vast array of fishes or the pelicans can be.


If you are looking for a novel way to spend your vacation days then visit Aqua Safari for exciting activities and cycling is one of the best activities you can have. Research shows that going for a cycle ride may be the best way to set the wheels in your relationship. Ride through the town of Ada and commune with nature. Cycle your mental wellbeing, improve your lung functioning and improve your navigation skills. We give you this and more at Aqua Safari.

Cruise the Night

Under the flicker of moonlight, with the gentle brushes of night time breezes, the Volta River transforms into a poetic and therapeutic scene. Feel the calming effect of cursing the Volta river and star gazing at night.

Go Fishing

Go to sea and find out why some of the most successful people in the world love fishing. Fall in love with the thrill of catching your first Barracuda, Yellow tail, Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna, Mackerel, The Blue Marlin etc from the Atlantic Ocean. You can choose to go for a full day or half day. The vessel you will be aboard is equipped with sonar, radio, GPS and EPIRB plus all the food you will need to keep the adventure exciting. If you’re lucky, you just might spot a Whale or Bottlenose Dolphins from a distance.

Tour the Volta

How about a more scenic river ride to explore rare red and white Mangroves, the Crocodile Island, the Sogakope bridge or the Volta estuary with beautiful water birds gliding on the water? Well that’s what Aqua Safari offers. Our boats will take you and your loved ones on the kind of ride you will wish never ends. Cruising past canoes and fishing boats from the neighbouring villages in Ada ads to the unforgettable experience.

Jasmin Salon & Mini Spa

It’s time for your body to experience the love it deserves. If all you do here at Aqua Safari, other than enjoying your cosy room, is visit our avant-garde unisex salon and spa, it would still be worth the trip! Get a professional deep- tissue massage, let’s do your nails, let’s spoil you with the very best in spa and salon services. We have an ultra-modern setup and professionals to guarantee that you feel and look your very best. You will return home with a truly relaxed and gorgeous holiday look that will linger for weeks.

Sunset Dinner by the Beach

Allow your romantic fantasies become a reality by experiencing the ultimate romantic beachside dinning. Candle lights hovering in the refreshing breeze, the canopy snapping overhead, the private wait service, tables for couples all of which would make your experience an unforgettable evening of romance. With your feet in the sand, your fork in your mouth and your eyes on the sunset, it will be the perfect timing to take some of your best pictures and capture unforgettable memories. It is difficult to tell which is better, the mouth-watering food or the pristine sunset.

Breakfast by the Beach

It’s never too early to start your day at Aqua Safari. Imagine having breakfast at the beachfront against the backdrop of a beautiful Ada sunrise! We are ready to serve you delicious breakfast.

Whale Watching

It’s time to see nature in its true beauty. Observing the majestic nature of the largest mammals in the world in their natural habitat. The up-close point of view leaves you an incomparable experience and an in depth understanding of nature as these animals toss themselves in the water.

Cigar Lounge

Norman Folly’s Cigar lounge: only 2 miles away from the resort, but a world away from your worries. If you want to listen to jazz, sit in a leather chair, sip your Japanese whiskey and relax away from your grind of your day. The cigar lounge caters for those who appreciate the finer things in life and also offers a welcoming environment to those with desire to learn about the history, art and science of cigars.

Beach Games

Choose from our wide variety of beach games and we will make it available. There are several activities you can enjoy on the beach like volley, soccer, tennis ball, scavenger hunt and many more. These activities make the beach a preferred destination for children and adults when they want freedom associated with playing games in the sand.

Please note that some activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.