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Treat yourself and your family to a lovely stay at Aqua Safari Resort. Spend quality time together making memories on your vacation. Explore our packages!

Accommodation Features

Rate (GHS)
Max Pax
2,700 GHS
2 Pax
3,600 GHS
2 Pax
4,500 GHS
2 Pax
4,500 GHS
2 Pax
9,000 GHS
2 Pax
13,500 GHS
4 Pax

Day Visitor Package

Package Includes
Complimentary Package Includes
Adult (400 GHS)

Kids (7-12 years) (200 GHS)
1 meals
Complimentary activities
2 bottles of water (750ml)
2 glasses of fruit juice
Swimming Pool
Beach Volley
Beach Soccer
Segway Ride
Fitness Class
Lawn Tennis
Table Tennis
Bicycle Ride
Child (7-12 years)
Full Day
330 GHS
Half Day
330 GHS
Room Visitor
400 GHS

All Packages can be purchased upon arrival at the cashiering booth

Activities Packages

Rate (GHS)
Horse Riding
10 mins
30 mins
45 mins
60 mins
65 GHS
130 GHS
160 GHS
195 GHS
Off-site horse riding
60 mins
260 GHS
10 mins
250 GHS
Flyboarding / Jet Lev
15 mins
350 GHS

20 mins
20 mins

95 GHS
160 GHS
20 mins
200 GHS
Boat Ride

30 mins
60 mins
60 mins

1,000 GHS
1,700 GHS
2,200 GHS
Mangrove (by Canoe)
1 guest for 90 mins
2 guests for 90 mins
up to 5 guests for 90 mins
up to 10 guests for 90 mins
250 GHS
400 GHS
550 GHS
900 GHS
Day Trip(pp)
Max 3 Hours (t&t @ 700)
350 GHS

Bed & Breakfast Packages

Hot Air Balloon

Tethered Rides (GHS 450.00)

A Tethered Hot Air Balloon is secured to the ground or structure to provide passenger flights without the balloon flying away.

This is ideal for those wishing partake in the balloon ride experience without having to pay for the cost of a full flight,

for families with young children and those with fears of flying or heights who still want to experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Each ride can last between 10-15 minutes in the air. 

The balloon can reach a maximum altitude of 100 feet above ground level for a Tethered Ride,

depending on wind direction and speed.

Once on the ground, the passengers are switched and the next flight lifts off.

Our balloons can carry 8 passengers per ride.

Standard Flight Package (GHS 1,500.00)

What makes our hot air balloon flights so memorable is that they are much more than just the ride itself.

 Balloons move with the wind and you will float wherever the wind takes you;

so each flight brings new and memorable experiences.

A standard flight takes approximately 1 hour

depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites.

You should allow at least 3 hours for the complete experience.

Package Includes:

Shared Flight
Transport to and from the meeting point

Private Exclusive Flight (GHS 10,000.00)

Charter the complete Balloon!

Enjoy more privacy on a Private hot air balloon charter ride;

 only the pilot, you, and your loved ones.

This is the perfect deal for 3-6 persons, families, and groups who want to guarantee they are the only passengers in the balloon.

Package Includes:

Champagne Toast
360 in-flight video
Buffet Breakfast