Aqua Safari is part of a much bigger experience; The Ada Experience. Beyond the physical borders of the resort, you have a unique opportunity to experience the rich and vibrant culture of the friendly people of Ada. You can visit the Crocodile Island, estuary and -if it’s the right season- spot a whale!

Market Day : Every Tuesday and Friday, you can experience the thrill of the town’s markets. Hundreds of indigenes flood the markets to display their wares; ranging from food stuff to artifacts. The energy and creativity they employ in attracting prospective buyers make the whole experience incredible to behold.

Turtle egg laying : It’s fascinating to watch turtles laying eggs on Discovery Channel, but witnessing it firsthand is an experience you must have for yourself.

Canoe Scene : Canoes are like taxis in Ada, offering alternate transportation and a useful fishing aid. Watching different kinds of hand-made canoes glide past with friendly townspeople is part of the whole experience.